Yes, we do!

USA FAIR has launched with great excitement and hope. Yet, I imagine some of you are asking, “Do we really need another sex offender advocacy organization?”

USA-FAIR-_Yes.jpegAs a veteran of the reform movement, I say enthusiastically, yes, we do!

Not just any new organization… but a group with the media focus of USA FAIR is exactly what this movement has been missing.  If we can change how the press covers this issue through education and accountability then we can change how the public perceives law abiding former offenders.  And if we can change how the public perceives former offenders then we can change how legislators address registry laws. 

Many legislators know the facts about low recidivism, just as they know that many of the laws they pass are “feel good” laws that don’t really protect the community.  Yet, they pass them anyway because the public sentiment is so one-sided that they are afraid not to.

We need to change public sentiment.  Too often we have not been at the table of this national conversation.   It is USA FAIR’s mission to make sure that our voices are heard in the media from the people who know law-abiding registrants best – their loving family members.

Statistics alone won’t win this battle for us.  We need to add the human element.  We need to tell our stories from the heart… the many success stories of registrants leading years of law-abiding lives – and the despairing stories of how the registry is harming the lives of former offenders and their family members, who also suffer under the registry.

As Shana Rowan said in her prior post, USA FAIR will not compete with all of the other fine organizations working to reform the registry, but rather support and complement them.  That’s why, if you have not done so already, I urge you to explore the Projects section of this site and make a donation today to support this important work.

We need to be “all in” with USA FAIR.

David Hess

Member & Supporter of USA FAIR

David Hess is a pastor of a church in the Rochester, NY area.  He has been active for a good number of years beginning when eAdvocate encouraged him to get involved.  He hosts SOhopeful of New York at, participates in the SOSEN Forum and is active with Caution Click.  He has testified at hearings held by the New York State Assembly and local governments and has been interviewed on numerous occasions by the media in New York State.

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