USA FAIR reaches out to National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

As part of our Facts Matter Project, we have reached out to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and have asked them to remove the following inaccurate statement from their website: "Sex offenders have a high risk of re-offending."

USA_FAIR_Letter_to_John_Ryan_copy.jpgUnlike other child advocacy organizations, such as Parents for Megan's Law, NCMEC does not present false or misleading statistics about sex offender recidivism. However, they do make the above blanket one-size-fits-all statement, which is not supported by the extensive research conducted on this important issue over the last decade.

In a letter from Executive Director Shana Rowan to NCMEC CEO John Ryan, Shana writes: “While most registered sex offenders pose a low risk of sex crime recidivism, certain sub-sets of offenders do pose a higher risk, including pedophiles who target pre-teen child victims. Such language would be consistent with all of the current research and would focus your statement on your organization’s mission – protecting children." You can read the entire letter HERE.



USA FAIR is hopeful that this letter can begin a dialog with NCMEC.  We are particularly encouraged that NCMEC's current Chair is Patty Wetterling, whose missing son Jacob inspired the first national sex offender registry law. Wetterling, who was copied on the letter, has been a reasoned voice on this issue advocating policies that work and cautioning against emotionally driven laws that don't actually protect the community - and could actually increase recidivism by making re-entry to the community more difficult for former offenders.

We'll keep you posted on the response we receive to this outreach.

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