Fighting the Myth

We are pleased to announce that USA FAIR has launched its Facts Matter Project.  This initiative will focus on organizations that publish false or misleading statistics about the myth of high sex offender recidivism.  

USA-FAIR-facts-matter.jpegWe will write to these organizations requesting that they revise their sites.  If we get no response, early next year we will contact the media and make the case that these organizations, many of which receive public funds, have an obligation to report accurate statistics.

The first organization we have written to is Parents for Megan's Law and you can view the letter Shana Rowan sent to their Executive Director, Laura Ahern, here.  Parents for Megan's Law presents valuable information that is beneficial for parents looking to keep their children safe.  Unfortunately, they also reinforce the myths of high recidivism based on studies of subsets of offenders that they incorrectly infer can be applied to the entire population of registrants.

You can follow our progress on this initiative by viewing the Facts Matter page under the Projects section of our website.

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