USA FAIR in the News... Stop the "monster" hate speech and a newspaper sticks by RSO hire.

One of USA FAIR’s primary tasks is to monitor the media's coverage of the sex offender issue. I had two letters published over the last week - one in Tuscola Today in Tuscola, MI and another in The Barre Montpelier Times Argus in Vermont.

USA-FAIR-press-releases.jpgMy letter last week in Tuscola Today was in response to another letter that encouraged others to check the sex offender registry to see where all the "monsters" live.  We must be vigilant in combating the hate speech that paints all registrants with the broad brush of the worst offenders.

Today’s letter in the Time Argus addresses the media frenzy that erupted once it was discovered that the Times Argus hired a former sex offender as a reporter and stood by their hiring decision despite widespread criticism.

I wanted to let the Times Argus know that their controversial decision had not gone unnoticed by people who know and love a former offender - and that it was deeply appreciated that a news organization took a principled stand for fairness for a former offender.  Registrants should be judged by their life in totality – not by the single biggest mistake they ever made. 

Thank you Times Argus!

Both letters can be read at the above links. Feel free to reach out and give me feedback on either letter.  I know these are small publications, but we are working on getting the attention of the national media as well… yet, regardless of market size, an act of courage such as that displayed by the Times Argus deserves recognition.

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