USA FAIR Condemns Contract Sole-Sourced to Parent's for Megan's Law

USA FAIR has condemned the contract awarded to Parents for Megan’s Law by the County Board of Legislators in Suffolk County, New York to provide monitoring services over the more than 1,000 registered former offenders residing in the county.

As part of a resolution to address the concentration of homeless offenders living at two trailer parks – a concentration brought about by ill-advised residency restrictions – the County Board agreed to disburse the offenders to other existing shelters as part of a broader initiative to create what the Suffolk Police Chief called "the toughest monitoring and enforcement program in the nation.”

USA FAIR believes that municipalities have the right to enforce their laws, however to help implement this program, the Suffolk County Board also voted to award a $2.7 million contract to Parents for Megan’s Law to provide the monitoring.  We believe that monitoring registrants should be conducted by professional law enforcement agencies.  Outsourcing this policing function to ideological victim’s advocacy groups is unwise and sets a disturbing precedent.

Parents for Megan’s Law is headed by Executive Director Laura Ahern, a politically connected Suffolk County resident, which may be why her organization was sole-sourced this contract without any competitive process.  She has built her career demagoguing this issue and will now be charged with monitoring the very people she has a long history of demonizing.

We will continue to oppose this contract and attempt to bring media attention to this inherently flawed approach to sex offender management.  Our message recently got aired on a leading New York cable news network interview with Ahern.

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