The Women's Story Project

USA-FAIR-womens-story-project.jpegThe most remarkable story of the sex offender registry reform movement has been the leadership role played by women to bring about real change.

The mothers and wives of registrants have been at the center of this effort and they have been the leading spokespeople for this cause.

There is little doubt that when the day comes when we have true registry reform it will be the result of the women who stood up for reason and fairness on behalf of their loved ones.

Additionally, many of the leading treatment professionals, attorneys, academics and social justice advocates who support registry reform are also women.

USA FAIR is committed to getting a major news organization to report on this amazing story of commitment and sacrifice, a battle that at times has been fought in the face of harassment and threats.

Getting national coverage of this story will be one of out top priorities – and we thank the women of this movement for all they do – in all 50 states.


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