The NAMBLA Smear - If you can't attack the message... attack the messenger

An anonymous Internet vigilante group that goes by the name of “Evil Unveiled” has posted a page that claims that USA FAIR Executive Director Shana Rowan is a member of “The New NAMBLA.”  The allegation that Shana would be interested in promoting man-boy love is absurd and slanderous.  Shana and USA FAIR strongly support age of consent laws.

Evil Unveiled is expert in demagoguery.  They take an element of truth and twist and exaggerate it into something totally false.  Shana first became active in sex offender law reform by becoming co-Chair of the New York chapter of Reform Sex Offender Laws (RSOL), where she met many dedicated family members of law-abiding registrants working to reform the registry.

It is true that one of the founders of RSOL was using a pseudonym and when he was investigated by other RSOL members and revealed to be an early member of NAMBLA, he stepped down from RSOL.  RSOL supports age of consent laws and has never been “The New NAMBLA."

One would like to think that such a smear is not even worthy of comment, but given that this falsehood appears in a Google search of Shana, USA FAIR just wants to set the record straight.

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