Support from Free Range Kids

Free-Range-Kids.jpegLenore Skenazy, author of the popular book "Free Range Kids" and a blog of the same name, recently showed support for reason-based laws for former sex offenders by inviting USA FAIR Executive Director Shana Rowan to author a guest post telling her story.

Ms. Skenazy said she was proud to share Shana's story, stating, "I continue to believe the Sex Offender Registry is not keeping kids any safer and yet it is ruining a lot of lives."  She called USA FAIR's mission to promote fact-based laws and to shine the light on the harm that the registry is inflicting upon former offenders and their families "a noble goal."

We thank Ms. Skenazy for her support in helping USA FAIR to focus on the collateral damage that the registry inflicts upon the loved-ones of registrants.

You can read Shana's post HERE.

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