Reform Advocates Denounce Lawn Signs on HuffPost

huffpolive.jpgI was joined by fellow advocates for change Gail Colletta, of the Florida Action Committee, and "Once Fallen" blogger, Derek Logue, on HuffPost Live on Tuesday evening, June 4th, to discuss the posting of large red lawn signs in front of the homes of certain people required to register by the Sheriff of Bradford County, Florida.

This act of public shaming is but the latest example of politically driven actions that will do nothing to protect the community, but will undoubtedly subject registrants and their families to harassment and potential vigilantism.

Although these signs are being placed in front of the homes of those designated as "violent predators", we pointed out that under the sex offender registry law, many offenders designated as violent, in fact have no history of violence - and that this new tactic is just another hurdle for law abiding former offenders to endure as they attempt to rebuild their lives with their families.

As always, the myth of high sex offender recidivism was exposed and we urged for an end to the painting off all registrants with the broad brush of the worst offenders.

HuffPost Live deserves much credit for bringing this important issue to the forefront of civil conversation on their channel.

I and other advocates do our part by putting ourselves out there publicly on behalf of law abiding registrants and their families.

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