USA-FAIR-projects.jpegWelcome to the Projects section of USA FAIR. You can review our work program by clicking the project buttons above.

Donations to USA FAIR make this work possible.  It won't happen without your financial support.  None of us can expect "others" to fund this work.  Regardless of our financial circumstances, all of us whose lives are impacted by the registry need to step up and contribute whatever we can afford to make this work possible.

Whether it is $10, $100 or $1000 it will make a big difference.  Please DONATE.  

If you have already contributed, please consider donating again or becoming a Member through regular monthly donations. Members will make us a sustainable organization with a certain future.

We have an exciting "to do" list for our first year:

  • We will set up a press office that will establish relationships with national and major-market news media organizations.
  • We will monitor the media and seek to hold them accountable for reporting misinformation, such as the myth of high recidivism.
  • We will seek to place critically important stories, such as the leadership role that women have played to reform the registry and the negative impacts that the registry has on the families of registrants.
  • We will work to educate the media on the common misuse of words when reporting on sex offender issues, such as "pedophile" and "predator."
  • We will establish a speakers bureau to promote the inclusion of reform advocates at conferences and hearings.
  • We will launch a campaign to get victim advocacy organizations to take down inaccurate information and statistics from their websites.
  • We will purchase advertisements in Roll Call and The Hill, the leading newspapers of Capitol Hill, read by the Members of Congress and the White House.
  • We will establish an award in the memory of Mary Duval to recognize the heros of our movement who are willing to speak out publicly for justice and fairness for law-abiding former offenders and their families.

We will continue to update these pages so our followers can get status reports on these initiatives.

If you want to give input on any of these projects, or have a suggestion about a new project we should be working on, please let us know through our Feedback page.

If you would like to work with us on accomplishing these tasks, please visit our Volunteer page.




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