Press Office Project

USA-FAIR-press-office-project.jpgA key component of USA FAIR’s media focus will be to act as a one-stop-shop for the press looking to interview knowledgeable spokespeople on sex offender issues. 

USA FAIR will also maintain a press contact list of others with expertise on sex offender issues from the legal, social justice, treatment and academic communities.   We will work to direct journalists toward experts on the specific topic they are covering related to the registry.

Please note that USA FAIR seeks to give maximum exposure to the issue of sex offender registry reform.  You do not need to agree with us on every issue.  This movement is made up of good people who may respectfully disagree on a particular position, while being united in the ultimate goal of enacting laws based on facts and evidence – not irrational fear.  Once selected to be part of our press contact list, you are free to express your own views because you will be speaking on behalf of your own organization, not USA FAIR.

We want to serve all of the many respected reform advocates who have the courage to speak out - as well as provide a service to our allies for reform.  In addition to responding to media inquiries we will also seek to generate stories about the need for sex offender registry reform.

Donations to USA FAIR will go to support this professional press operation.

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