Media Accountability Project

USA-FAIR-Media-Accountability.jpegUSA FAIR is asking all of its supporters to be media monitors.  You can help us in several important ways.

If you are watching a news program or a talk show and someone makes a factually inaccurate statement, such as “most sex offenders reoffend” or “the typical offender has hundreds of victims” – or if all people required to register are defamed as being “predators” or “monsters” – please go to the ALERT US section of our website and inform us ASAP.

USA FAIR will then do two things:

1. We will send an ALERT to all of our members who have volunteered to call the media to protest unfair coverage.  We will send you the offending comment and the appropriate phone number to call.  If you want to be part of our media protest team, please go to the Volunteer page and check, “I will call news organizations to complain about unfair reporting.”

2. USA FAIR will contact the appropriate news editor or program producer to lodge a formal complaint against the unfair coverage.  We will work to make news decision-makers more aware of the facts about the registry and seek to insure that the views of law-abiding registrants and family members are included in future coverage.

Finally, you can help work toward media accountability by commenting on articles that appear on the web.  If allowed by the site, we encourage you to include links to and the appropriate issue or studies page that reinforces your point.



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