Introducing USA FAIR

Today we begin an important journey.  I hope you will join us.

We are USA FAIR, Inc., which stands for USA Families Advocating an Intelligent Registry.  We have been founded by loving parents and partners of people required to register.

usa_fair_begins_journey_to_reform_sex_offender_laws.jpgUSA FAIR will not duplicate the fine work of the many state organizations working to reform sex offender laws.  Our focus will be on the national news media and our number one goal is to expose the myth of high sex offender recidivism - the foundational falsehood that has been used to justify the one-size-fits-all registry.

The research and facts are on our side.  What has been missing is our place at the table.  So we plan to show up and have our voices heard.

We will tell the success stories of the vast majority of registrants who are leading law-abiding lives as good citizens and providers for their families.  We witness this every day – as we have witnessed how the registry has caused devastating harm to the families of registrants – the hidden victims of these laws.  We’ll tell those stories too.

And one more thing…  we will no longer sit silently by as our loved ones are painted with the broad brush of the worst offenders and defamed as being “predators” or “monsters.”

It’s time to end the “hate speech” against law-abiding former offenders.

We at USA FAIR are willing to take the risks of putting ourselves out there publicly – but quite frankly we need to know that you have our backs! 

Please explore our site… see what we’re about… and then sign up and make a donation, because we can’t do this without your financial support.

We start working for you today.  Are you with us?

Shana Rowan

Executive Director


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