Yes, we do!

USA FAIR has launched with great excitement and hope. Yet, I imagine some of you are asking, “Do we really need another sex offender advocacy organization?”

USA-FAIR-_Yes.jpegAs a veteran of the reform movement, I say enthusiastically, yes, we do!

Not just any new organization… but a group with the media focus of USA FAIR is exactly what this movement has been missing.  If we can change how the press covers this issue through education and accountability then we can change how the public perceives law abiding former offenders.  And if we can change how the public perceives former offenders then we can change how legislators address registry laws. 

Many legislators know the facts about low recidivism, just as they know that many of the laws they pass are “feel good” laws that don’t really protect the community.  Yet, they pass them anyway because the public sentiment is so one-sided that they are afraid not to.

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