Happy Holidays!

We at USA FAIR wish to extend our warmest wishes this holiday season to all of our supporters. 

Holiday_image.jpgWe are very grateful that you have become a part of the launch of our new advocacy organization and our mission to have sex offender issues accurately reported on in the news media.

To those supporters who have also become donors, you have truly helped lay the foundation for action in 2013!  Thank you!

We will only be able to build a successful advocacy organization if registrants and family members give whatever they can.  We know all too well that for many registrants and their families this involves sacrifice because of the employment challenges that the registry presents.  Yet, we also know that we only have each other.  No one is going to step up and wage this fight for us.

In this season of giving, would you consider making a special year-end gift to celebrate USA FAIR’s launch and the spirit of hope that propels us to wage this fight?

Please consider making either a one time Donation or becoming a Member by signing up for a recurring monthly donation.  Our Members insure that USA FAIR will be a sustainable organization.

Giving even $5 will help make a difference when multiplied by the thousands of families impacted by these unjust laws.  In return, we give you our full commitment to have our voices heard.

Thank you and best wishes for a Happy New Year to you and yours.

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