About SAEN, Inc.


SAEN, Inc. is a nationally-focused non-profit [501(c)(3)] corporation dedicated to eradicating sexual abuse to the greatest degree realistically possible, by fostering social and public policy initiatives grounded in rational, reasoned, and scientifically validated approaches to prevention, response, and the treatment of sexual abuse. SAEN, Inc. counts among its members and supporters:

  • professionals in the fields of law, mental health, and public policy;
  • leaders of organizations committed to addressing the scourge of sexual abuse;
  • concerned citizens;
  • victims of sexual abuse and their families;
  • family members of and individuals with sex offense histories who seek to reintegrate into society as productive, law abiding members of their communities..

Our mission calls us to educate the public and policy makers about the nature of sexual abuse, its origins and the factors that perpetuate its occurrence. We seek to bring together the scientific, legal, and public policy communities in a united effort to apply the latest research to the task of preventing and responding to sexual abuse. We seek to redirect current public policy that expends inordinate amounts of money and resources on preventing the least likely forms of sexual abuse while ignoring the causes and correlates for 95% of the sexual abuse that occurs each year.

We know the vast majority of sex offenses occur in the home, with acquaintances, or in familiar environments with people familiar to the victim.  Yet, current public policy focuses overwhelmingly on the exceedingly rare, stranger/abduction scenario. We know that the vast majority of individuals with sex offense histories—especially those who commit offenses as juveniles, those who commit nuisance offenses (e.g., urinating in public), those involved in Romeo-and-Juliet relationships (older teen with a younger teen), those charged with sexting and other consensual sexual activity between similar aged individuals—will never reoffend. Yet public policy and current law treat all individuals with sex offense histories with the same invasive and destructive policies that prevent full re-integration and success in our communities.

We also recognize that public policy and legislation deal almost exclusively with reacting to sexual abuse after it has occurred. We believe that to stop sexual abuse, we must adopt policies and practices that address the underlying causes of sexually abusive behavior, identifying and treating those causes at the earliest point possible, and before the individual commits his or her first act of sexual abuse. The overwhelming number of cases of sexual abuse reported to authorities involve a first-time offender, unknown to the system. Therefore, an exclusive focus on recidivism of ex-offenders ignores the largest population of committing sexual offenses.

Many organizations have formed across the country seeking to prevent or respond to the problem of sexual abuse.  We do not want to duplicate their good efforts. Rather we seek to amplify the effectiveness of these diverse groups, by establishing collaborative networks and forming a cooperative effort that embraces and utilizes each organizations unique skills, knowledge, talent and resources. We hope to use a collaborative approach to formulate the “Sexual Abuse Ends Now” or SAEN Initiative. As detailed elsewhere on this website, the SAEN Initiative represents a five year plan for researching, developing, promulgating and implementing a comprehensive, national strategy for the prevention of sexual abuse—an approach that utilizes a multifaceted approach to the problem, the product of the joint efforts of all major stakeholders in this social problem.

SAEN, Inc. advocates the implementation of a proactive, effective, evidence-based approach to preventing sexual abuse; an approach that is stripped of political opportunism, tragedy driven responses, and irrational fear. We seek results, not rhetoric. We seek a safer society for everyone, one in which respect for our shared humanity becomes the catalyst for eliminating sexual abuse from the list of common dangers that we confront daily. We seek to end sexual abuse before it occurs. We seek to help those with unhealthy sexual urges and desires to get the help they need before they act out. We seek to ensure that the family home remains the safe haven children need to grow, thrive and mature into healthy adults. We seek these things for our community, and invite you to join us in this worthy cause.


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