USA FAIR works with to debunk myths about former offenders

USA-FAIR-facts-matter.jpegUSA FAIR has been in communication with about helping to debunk the myths of high sex offender recidivism. is a private sex offender registry site.  Through a dialog with USA FAIR Executive Director Shana Rowan, the site agreed to post an article by Shana on Sex Offender Myths and Facts in their Everyday Safety Tips section.

This is part of our ongoing "Facts Matter" project to get websites that focus on the sex offender registry to present accurate information - particularly about low sex offender recidivism rates.  As with all of our efforts, we list the source for every statistic that we quote.

We would like to thank for taking a fact-based objective approach to this important issue in allowing USA FAIR to participate in its public education.

You can read Shana Rowan's artice on by clicking HERE.


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