Time to Reform Megan's Law as 20th Anniversary Approaches

The Times of Trenton LogoToday, The Times of Trenton published an Op-Ed article I wrote in response to a news article on April 15th about proposals by Megan Kanka's parents to reform the sex offender registry as Megan's Law approaches its 20th Anniversary in 2014.

USA FAIR agrees with the Kankas that such a milestone offers an opportunity to assess not only the public notification aspects of Megan's Law, but the entirety of the sex offender registry.  We support some of the proposals made by the Kankas, but oppose others because they contradict what we have learned since 1994.

There is a tremendous amount of research and experiential data that exists today that did not exist two decades ago that can better inform our decisions.  Most importantly, the myth of high sex offender recidivism is no longer sustainable in the face of volumes of studies conducted in states from coast to coast.  Some sex offenders present a future risk to the community - but most don't.

Let's use that data to reform our laws and create a more intelligent registry that targets the truly dangerous, but allows the vast majority of law abiding former offenders and their family members a more supportive path to rebuild their lives.

You can read the full Op-Ed HERE.


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