Separating Sex Offender Myths from Facts

cnycentral-logo.jpegCNY Central, central New York State's leading news media outlet, has profiled USA FAIR and our Executive Director Shana Rowan's efforts to combat the prevailing myth of high sex offender recidivism and the folly of treating all former offenders the same.

In the story, Rowan says many of the laws regarding the thousands of sex offenders are not based on reality. "I can understand where the fear comes from because... it keeps being pumped into us by some media outlets and legislators that these are people we need to fear. That is not accurate. That is not true, save for a small minority."

We know that we face a long road to change these false perceptions that all former sex offenders present a danger to the community, but we can only wage this fight one interview at a time.  USA FAIR will continue to tell the story of law abiding former offenders and the unjust impact that the registry has on their family members to any news organization that is willing to be fair and report the whole story.

You can read the full online article and watch the video HERE.


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