USA FAIR Issues Statement on Murder of 8-Year-Old Florida Girl Condemning Senseless Act

single-rose.jpgOn Wednesday, June 26th, I released a statement on behalf of USA FAIR regarding the murder of 8-year-old Cherish Periwinkle.  Donald Smith, a registered sex offender in Florida has been charged with the crime.  Our statement follows:

“If these charges are proven to be true, then the full weight of Florida law should be brought down upon Donald Smith for committing such a heinous act.

The family members of registered sex offenders as well as law abiding former offenders throughout this nation condemn this senseless act and our hearts are with Cherish’s family who are now suffering an unimaginable loss.

At this time, as we grieve with our fellow citizens, the family members of registrants have an additional legitimate concern - that this lone individual’s horrible act could become the latest high profile crime to unjustly impact the lives of law abiding former offenders who have nothing in common with this offender but the fact that their names are also on the registry.

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