Don't Paint All Sex Offenders With Broad Brush

Orlando-Sentinel.jpgAll of us involved in sex offender law reform know the pattern. A registered sex offender commits a heinous act and in addition to rightfully punishing that offender, lawmakers introduce a new registry law, typically named after the victim, that impacts the lives of law abiding former offenders who have nothing in common with the heinous repeat offender.

It's no accident that most of the laws that impact former offenders are named after murdered children - even though all but a handful of registrants are no more likely to abduct and murder a child than the elected officials who adopt these laws.

We need to speak out against treating all registrants the same - particularly when a heinous crime is committed by someone on the registry.  As part of this mission, USA FAIR Executive Director Shana Rowan authored an op-ed column that appeared today in the Orlando Sentinel.  

You can read the article HERE.


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