Is it time to revisit and revamp Megan’s Law in NJ?

By Michael Symons April 24, 2016 10:30 PM


A peculiar thing — actually, two —happened on the way to banning New Jersey sex offenders from social media sites.

First, the proposal was scaled back over concerns it wasn’t legal. Then, lawmakers heard from a lawyer whose practice is focused on Megan’s Law cases who says New Jersey law in this area is misdirected and merits a top-to-bottom re-evaluation by a task force to make sure it’s effective.

James Maynard, a Morristown defense attorney and executive director of Sexual Abuse Ends Now, said sexual abuse should be treated as a mental health issue as much as a criminal-justice one, and that the state would be well-served to focus more on or reintegrating past offenders into society.

“The more than 20 years of legislative efforts directed at those with sex offense histories, while well-intentioned, represent a misdirection of resources away from the 95 percent of sexual abuse that is committed by first-time offenders,” Maynard said.



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